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California has stringent laws in place to protect employees. These regulations are stricter than federal laws, so it’s crucial that you understand them and comply. California’s labor laws ensure employees are treated fairly and help you foster a happy, healthy workplace. READ MORE >>

We have discussed the importance of efficient processes at length, but what if you don’t have procedures in place yet? Businesses that are young, and don’t have many employees, typically don’t have documented processes. Implementing processes before you grow your team can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. READ MORE >>

  There is a cultural gap between millennials and baby boomers that sometimes creates division in the workplace. Millennials want to be present parents and have impactful careers. They don't believe in busywork, instead choosing to work smarter not harder. Baby Boomers live a strikingly different reality. READ MORE >>

   Whether you know it or not, there are many processes taking place in your business every day. Whenever someone serves a customer, launches a marketing campaign, or walks into a weekly meeting, they are following a process. READ MORE >>

  Our previous article, Why You Need an IT Audit for Your Small Business, outlined the first step in protecting your organization from cyber-attacks.  The next step in this process is creating a human firewall. READ MORE >>

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day,1 and many of them are retiring. In 1995 baby boomers made up 50% of America’s workforce. That figure is estimated to drop to 10% in the next six years.2 Have you considered how this will impact you? READ MORE >>

  A wet spring followed by a scorching summer is a recipe for a dangerous fire season and it’s looking like California is headed for exactly that in 2019. Have you checked on your fire coverage for your home lately? Will your policy replace your home if it is destroyed? READ MORE >>

Your business’s processes are incredibly important. Have you checked their efficiency lately? One of the worst things you can have in your business is inefficient processes. Your employees might be making it work. You might not even notice your processes are inefficient. READ MORE >>

Small businesses are the number one target of cyber-attacks, accounting for nearly half of all successful attacks. Unfortunately, most small business owners have no idea of the risks they face. They assume thieves will view them as a waste of time because there are so many bigger fish out there. READ MORE >>

  In today’s world, people are working later in life than ever before. This is the first time in history that we have had five different generations in the workforce at the same time. From a management perspective, this can present a challenge. READ MORE >>

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