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Until recently, many employers—especially those with fewer than 100 employees—were still using paper processes. This is changing quickly as Millennials become influencers and employers seek out technology solutions. READ MORE >>

Because there’s no longer a real wildfire season in California, almost every fire related statistic is on the rise: acres burned, lives lost, cost of insurance. It has become harder for people in fire-prone areas to get or keep insurance. But there are some ways you can help protect both your home and your insurance policy. READ MORE >>

On the heels of a year where the news cycle was dominated by stories of harassment, the state of California made some wide sweeping legislative changes. One law affecting thousands of CA businesses is SB1343. It expands the number and type of employees who must be subjected to sexual harassment training. READ MORE >>

    By Ben Polley     “A marathon is hundreds of miles. The finish is the last 26.2.”  Much like running a marathon, the arenas of business strategy, finance, and insurance, require a long-term approach in order to find success.   READ MORE >>

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