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Clinton Polley Insurance Group Blog: managing the workforce

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  Are you closing down your office during this year’s holiday season? If you are, you are not alone. Hopefully, you already have your employees’ schedules figured out. Now it’s time to make sure your clients understand what to expect during your office closure.    READ MORE >>

  It might seem like summer vacation just ended, but the holidays are fast approaching. Your employees will likely want to take time off in the next few months, and you should be doing your best to make sure you can allow them to spend time with their families.     READ MORE >>

It’s that time of year where the office often feels deserted. The weather is warm, kids are out of school, and it seems like everyone is on vacation. As a business owner, this can be frustrating. Every time you realize someone is out of the office, you feel that pang of lost productivity. READ MORE >>

California has stringent laws in place to protect employees. These regulations are stricter than federal laws, so it’s crucial that you understand them and comply. California’s labor laws ensure employees are treated fairly and help you foster a happy, healthy workplace. READ MORE >>

  There is a cultural gap between millennials and baby boomers that sometimes creates division in the workplace. Millennials want to be present parents and have impactful careers. They don't believe in busywork, instead choosing to work smarter not harder. Baby Boomers live a strikingly different reality. READ MORE >>

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day,1 and many of them are retiring. In 1995 baby boomers made up 50% of America’s workforce. That figure is estimated to drop to 10% in the next six years.2 Have you considered how this will impact you? READ MORE >>

  In today’s world, people are working later in life than ever before. This is the first time in history that we have had five different generations in the workforce at the same time. From a management perspective, this can present a challenge. READ MORE >>

On the heels of a year where the news cycle was dominated by stories of harassment, the state of California made some wide sweeping legislative changes. One law affecting thousands of CA businesses is SB1343. It expands the number and type of employees who must be subjected to sexual harassment training. READ MORE >>

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