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Clinton Polley Insurance Group Blog: wildfires

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   With the recent fires in Sonoma County hitting so close to home, we wanted to create a guide for what to do if a fire evacuation order ever comes your way. Wildfire evacuation is a scary term, one we hope never applies to you, but if it does we want you to be prepared so you can get out quickly. READ MORE >>

It may seem early for fire season, but wildfires are already cropping up all over California. On June 8th, a wildfire in Yolo country spread to over 2,200 acres in just 24 hours. One day later, another fire broke out in Southern California burning over 50 acres in two hours and shutting down amusement parks in Valencia. READ MORE >>

  A wet spring followed by a scorching summer is a recipe for a dangerous fire season and it’s looking like California is headed for exactly that in 2019. Have you checked on your fire coverage for your home lately? Will your policy replace your home if it is destroyed? READ MORE >>

Because there’s no longer a real wildfire season in California, almost every fire related statistic is on the rise: acres burned, lives lost, cost of insurance. It has become harder for people in fire-prone areas to get or keep insurance. But there are some ways you can help protect both your home and your insurance policy. READ MORE >>

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