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Our Culture

Becoming a Partner

At Clinton Polley Group a Partner is defined as those who make up a relationship in which two or more people or organizations work together toward a common goal.  We believe opportunities increase when you help others win.  We believe a win for a partner is a win for you.
To understand our culture is to understand our Core Values ...


Passionate      Our passion is the energy we use to go above & beyond. We approach our work with enthusiasm & determination. We strive to be the best at what we do.

Accountable    Accountability is more than just doing our job. We are personally responsible to pursue excellence & further the goals of our organization & our partners.

Relevant          Relevance is the difference between giving information and giving advice. We are committed to adding value beyond merely the placement of insurance.

Trust                Trust is a key component to any successful relationship. It is imperative that trust exists both within our team & with our partners. Trust is not given, it is earned.

Noble               We are committed to doing what is right & conduct ourselves with high moral principles. We do not compromise the interests of our partners for personal gain.

Elevate            To elevate is to raise up. We believe by engaging, encouraging, and empowering our team and our partners, we will all grow.

Reputable        Everyone has a reputation. We want ours to be one of partnership. To become a trusted partner, we have to reach beyond expectations.

               Reputation is more than what we do, it is who we are.

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